VK Office

Today I would like to invite you to the Singer House to have a look at the work (or rather anything but work) of VK engineers.

In general, most of the offices of popular tech companies look very much alike: microkitchens, decorated meeting rooms, different entertainment options (e.g. gaming consoles or fussball), local memes on the walls =) VK office is not an exception in this regard even though the company itself is rather small.

Entering the Singer House, you find yourself in a luxury palace-like hallway (unfortunately I was not allowed to post the picture) and an unexpectably large and cute inner yard:

Sometimes the Singer House runs special events for special people here, like auctions and local celebrities parties:

This all is not a part of VK yet – it is located only in the top floors of the House. Once you are there, you can see a nice view out of one of the engineers’ offices:

Even if you were not lucky to get a workstation in that room, you can always come to a microkitchen to relax in a hanging chair and enjoy the very same view:

Meeting rooms are cozy and cheerful:

A chair for those who do not respect deadlines:

QA office (text on the plates: “it’s a feature, not a bug”, “I can’t reproduce this”, “we’ll fix it in the next version” etc.):

VK employees are extremely workaholic – even on Saturday the office was not desert. There is also a sleeping room in case you had to work in the night:

Little details set the mood:

Finally getting to the top floor:

The inside of the ball-shaped dome was a nice conclusion of the tour:

Always wanted to know how the streets look from up there:

P.S. Sometime I will get a new camera, I promise.


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