Europa Park

I definitely enjoy the European style of amusement parks: unlike the Russian ones, they are huge, have a theme and ask only for an entrance fee – all the rides inside are free. Europa Park is a stereotypical image of Europe and its cute gingerbread houses of Germany, Italian palaces and simple, made of timber huts of the North.

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Lake of Constance

It is quite popular among Swiss residents, especially those who live in the canton of Zurich, to spend summer vacation days on the German side of the Lake of Constance that is conveniently located right between Germany and Switzerland. Being one of the two major lakes of Switzerland (the second one is the Lake of Geneva on the opposite end of the country), the Lake of Constance is easily reachable by train without the need of being exhausted by airports. And German prices are another reason why this region is quite attractive for guests from the other side of the lake.

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